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Blaeberry Solutions Inc. is an innovative software developer and systems integrator, located in Golden, BC, in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Blaeberry Solutions Inc. has been actively supporting clients in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta since 1985. We are an established debt-free firm, with over 35 person years experience in developing custom payroll, accounting and other business applications, in a variety of industries.

We speicalize in:
  • Progress Language & Database
  • Interactive Web, using php & mysql
  • Appgen Business Applications
  • Systems Integration, Networking & Infrastructure
  • Common Business Applications support
  • Linux, Unix & Windows Servers

    Our principals and staff have considerable experience in all aspects of business operations, accounting, non-profit, inventory controls etc. We apply this knowledge to our software development, providing solutions that work well in the ‘real world'. Our ability to work with you, analyzing your exact requirements, results in highly functional and cost-efficient systems customized specifically for you or based on a solid pre-written package.

    Blaeberry Staff consistently explore new hardware and software technologies. This ensures that our clients have access to new and improved methods and systems. Our flexible business structure allows for rapid response to customer requests.

    Our regular staff has extensive knowledge in all business functions, including
  • a combination of over 40 years of payroll experience
  • systems analysis and programming
  • network and internet integration
  • finance and accounting
  • Windows, Linux, and Unix support
  • business application development and support
  • etc.

  • We use an internally developed web-based call tracking system. This allows efficient response to support issues in-house or remotely. We provide excellent support to our clients. Our staff are knowledgeable, and our support is responsive and thorough. Our Blaeberry Software applications are written in Progress, a 4th generation language, and relational database environment. Progress provides a rock-solid database/application environment, and terrific technical support.

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